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Science Department


Welcome to the Website.  Use the links below to access the individual WebPages for each of the teachers shown.  If you have general questions and/or comments about science at Foster High School or about this website, contact the webmaster.  If you have questions about the individual websites, contact the specific teacher.

The Foster High School Science Department is honored to be able to award the George W. Murray Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement in Science, funded generously by the Strander Family, each year since 1980 to a deserving senior at graduation. A partial list of past winners and more details on the scholarship can be found on the Science Department Award Winners Page.

Science Department Staff

Tim Renz email - website

Department Chair

Pre-AP Biology, AP Biology, Human Anatomy


Tommy Allen email - website

Inquiry 1, Biology COE, Life Science Foundations

Anita MacPherson email - website

Inquiry 1, Physical Science Foundations

Emily Sahra email

Inquiry 2, Ecology, Science and Society


Matiah Shaman email

Inquiry 2, Physics

Adam Shumays email


Nichole Tomaselli email

Pre-AP Chemistry, Chemistry, Biology COE